Dog Beach Fun!

Last weekend we explored an area fairly close to home. We took our puppies (dogs) to a beach in San Diego. The beach was a little unique in that one side of the beach welcomed the regular beach goers and the other side was a total off-leash dog park. I had never seen so many happy dogs. The dogs were able to be off leash and let run in and out of the water. So many of the big dogs were able to run and greet other dogs and people. We even had a mid-sized dog come to our lawn chair staked-out area and sit on Michael’s lap. I was so cute. The dog parent came over to call her dog off Michael’s lap, but she was quite happy where she was.

Along with watching the four-legged creatures play in the water, the two-legged types got to play in the water too. The ocean area just off beach for the dogs is shallow. I’m not a very good swimmer, but loved watching my cousin Shelby and Michael jumping the waves and playing in the water. My aunt Marla and I just hung out in the ocean where we could touch the sand while watching Shelby and Michael bouncing in the waves. I had carried Bella out in the water while standing there, but because she hasn’t spent a lot of time in the water she was a little nervous so I took her back.

When everyone was done hanging out in the water we retired back to our lawn chairs to “people/dog watch!” It was so fun to sit and watch the interaction between dogs and people. I was surprised that there weren’t any dog fights and was in awe of how many dogs played together.

We stayed a while, but knew it was getting time to leave when the water was getting closer and closer. The tide was rolling in. The decision to leave was unanimous since there were a few of us walking around with “lobster-looking skin.” Shelby was the one with the most red, which was very painful, but after some vinegar and TLC she felt a lot better. She’ll remember her stay in Southern California for so many reasons, but hope the sunburn won’t be the main reason.

The trip to the beach last Sunday was very fun and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has dogs. It’s a great form of socialization for both dogs and their owners.


My puppies love to ride!

One of the things I have taught my dogs is to ride in things so I can take them along. My belief is if they CAN go, they should. I’ve taught them to ride in a bicycle basket, in a wagon and of course, their stroller. I take the dogs in the store (not where food is prepared or out in the open) in their stroller. They get so excited when I open my trunk while they wait in the car. They know 99% of the time that trunk is opened before they get out of the car that THEY WILL get to go. I’ve also taught them not to jump out of their ride just in case they are in traffic one day and have the opportunity to leave their ride.

I have had so many people stop me in the store or while walking to ask where I got the stroller. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made because my puppies can be part of my life, not stuck at home waiting (because they’re not very patient.) 🙂 If you look closely you can see my 3 puppies in the stroller. They may not have tons of room to live in there for hours, but they still have enough room for a stroll around the block. They love it, so they’re happy to jump in and go for a ride.


Here are just a few pictures of my dogs in their stroller and if you’re interested in purchasing one for your dogs, cats, chickens or whatever, I’ve shown a link below that you can purchase it! Please be advised that if you purchase the awesome stroller below that I may receive a small promotional fee. 

I just love this stroller and if you look a little closer at my pictures you can see how well “loved” it’s been for the past 4 years.

I recommend this stroller to anyone and everyone! It’s so easy to get your fur babies in and out with the no-zip entry. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t love mine!

Emma barks at broken water pipe.

During our visit to Santa Monica, California last weekend we stayed at Pyramid Lake RV Resort (45100 Copco Ave, Gorman, CA 93243) that had lots of room for our puppies to run and even had an enclosed dog park.

Emma discovered something she was very intrigued by and needed to take a closer look. It must have only intrigued her because Bella was more worried about why and who she was barking at. You can see her coming in and out of the video.