Santa Monica, California

Part of the travel I do allows me to be near so many different places to sightsee. I get to take a weekend and just get away to see all the places near me. I would never be able to see so many awesome places if I didn’t live some place for 6 months to a year and then go some place else. I love seeing and exploring new places! One weekend I can see one place and then the next weekend go in a total different direction.

Since I’m living in California right now I get to see all that Southern California has to offer. Part of visiting places is learning about them. One of the things I learned about the Santa Monica Pier is that is where Route 66 ends. Sure, if I had have “Googled” it I would have known, but why “Google” when I can see for myself.



I had a great time visiting the pier this past weekend. I’m sharing some pictures so you can see for yourself how awesome the place was. One of the craziest things was a man feeding pigeons. He wasn’t just feeding them out of this hands, they were all over him.


When we had seen everything we thought we could see we went to get something to eat. Not too far from the pier was a restaurant called Ye Olde King’s Head at 116 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 . This place was British and had the biggest pieces of Beer Battered Fish with chips. I definitely recommend going there even if it’s just for the atmosphere. Next door to the restaurant is there gift shop. I saw the cutest bobble head of the Queen of England in the window (I’ve placed a picture of it below) and so many British desserts and treats.

After eating we headed toward a Rodeo Drive. I had always wanted to drive down Rodeo drive, so we headed toward the iconic street. On the way we stopped and took pictures of the Beverly Hills Hotel (9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.)  The iconic, LA hideaway, famous for playing host to Hollywood royalty over the years. From the deals made in the Polo Lounge to the romances conducted in the secluded bungalows, this has been Tinsel Town’s playground since Beverly Hills was born.

We jumped back in the truck and continued to make our way down Rodeo Drive. We didn’t stop to shop, but did have fun seeing all the shops. There was no shopping involved, not this time, but it was just fun to look at all the shops as we traveled down the street.

I hope you enjoyed my photo tour of Santa Monica, California. Please stay tuned for more of my travels with hints, pictures and recommendations.



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